Phaser Games Pack #1

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Phaser Games Pack #1

Richard Davey
3 ratings

This product is for Phaser 2 / Phaser CE

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5 complete Phaser Game templates, ready to use in your own projects. You are free to use these templates to make your own commercial games, for clients, sponsors, publishers, or to upload to app stores. Got a client breathing down your neck with a crazy deadline? Build upon one of our templates to shave off development time!

The templates include:

Black Jack - The famous casino card game.
Coloring Book - A free-form coloring app, great for making kids apps.
Jigsaw - A powerful jigsaw template, easily cut any image up, to any size.
Sliding Puzzle - The classic puzzle game, easily customised and solvable.
Word Search - A powerful word search template, with flexible word selection.

You'll also get two Phaser plugins: A powerful flood fill routine that extends the BitmapData class (as used in the Colouring Book template), and a flexible Jigsaw piece cutting plugin, where you can easily use just the plugins to cut out shapes, with their own stroke thickness.

Each template contains the full source code, which is heavily commented. The games were created with Phaser 2.6.2., the absolute latest version.

We've kept the code purposely minimal, so you don't have to spend hours extracting the game logic from superfluous effects. Instead you can dive right in, and take what you need, or build upon the template and add-in what you need instead.

The templates come with the original PSD files where applicable, and a 10 page getting started PDF guide on how to use them.

Please understand these are not tutorials. Although the code is well commented, a basic level of Phaser experience is expected to get the most from them.

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